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INVO POS takes the entire control of your business and makes sure you are on the right track to a much more progressive level of performance. Your restaurant must be capable of handling multiple orders in the shortest time frame available, so let us help you do that.

Dine In

With unlimited floors and tables available to fit any size, we provide a system for reservation, an automated taxation/discount system and also support for charges per hour and for various other advanced dine-in features. You can easily manage everything using easy splitting of tickets and multi tickets.


Delivery firm has to be accurate, authentic and smart. We can assist you in making sure that you have an easy way to manage delivery dispatches, showing the address via Google Maps, and making it simple to track delivery items and to deliver all items quickly and on form.

Inventory Control

You must always manage your inventory well, but it can be hard to know if foods are in stock without a solid POS system. We can help you to avoid placing orders that are not fulfilled, making it really simple for both customer and colleague to place orders with Invo POS.

Customer Management

We maintain a solid customer history-platform, e-mail receipts for all customers, multiple phone and address storage, special rates and discounts, credit sales support and so on. We take customer management very seriously and treats every customer with utmost attention and care.


We offer management of inventory movement, inventory reporting, sales vs inventory categories, employee attendance and performance scores. You can easily look at customer purchase histories, account balances, payment histories with INVO.

POS Support

We offer extensive peripheral support, with full complete support for tablets and mobile devices, access to a magnetic stripe reader, customer displays support solutions, weight scaling, ID guest paging and much more with Invo POS.


Add Ons

Invo Menus System

Digital menus makes it simple to order and it makes sure that you can provide an excellent dining experience.

Invo POS allows you for quick installation with smart visuals and help to improve your brand message and overall output.


Invo Queue System

Our queue systems will make sure that any business who is serious in its prospects of improvement, will be much closer to where you would expect to be. In a busy holiday time, you might need to improve the ordering of your restaurant in order to manage sales.

invo Kitchen Display System

This makes it really simple for the kitchen staff to take an extra step forward in their professional ambitions as this is one of our most reputable and commonly accepted option. It gives you complete control of how your staff manage the orders, and have valuable time and money. It reduces your paper outlay, and it can reduce ink and paper expenses through managing digitally for  a much simpler and easier management system.


Invo Mobile System

We also offer wireless ordering; an additional component to your invo POS that can be added with ease and comfort. It’s a fine tool for adding another layer of customer support, ensuring that people can easily make orders for themselves without having to write orders and enter them into the system. This helps for more faster and powerful ordering.

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